What Is a Clamp Latch?

  • Wednesday, 02 August 2023
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  • What Is a Clamp Latch?
Clamp Latch

A clamp latch, which is also a toggle clasp, is used to hold two things together.clamp latch It is a type of tool that can be found in the home or workplace. This is a very convenient way to keep two items in place. It is easy to use and saves time. It is also very durable. It is important to use this type of tool correctly, as improper use can cause it to malfunction.

A C-clamp or G-clamp is the most common type of clamp clamp latch It consists of a C-shaped frame with a flat surface on each side and a threaded screw through which it is tightened. One end of the screw is usually small and has a flat edge, while the other has a slanted surface. The flat edges of the screw can be pressed against the flat surfaces to create a clamping force. This will crimp the workpiece and prevent it from coming apart.

Unlike traditional clamps, a toggle latch clamp has no pin at the center of its base clamp latch This is because it operates thru a system of pivots and levers. When the clamp is actuated, it stretches or compresses its linkages and locks a center pivot past the centerline of other pivots. It will continue to hold the workpiece firmly until its handle is moved for a successful release.

Latch toggle clamps have a handle that places & presses down a latching pull bar or hook around the opposing latch attached to a workpiece. These types of clamps are commonly available in fixed latch, U-hook (horizontal & vertical) and J-hook (vertical) models. Raptor Supplies carries 341 Series latch clamps with stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance. They can also be ordered in variants with longer hooks by adding -M-25, -M-50 or -M-100 to the model number.

This kind of clamp is a very powerful device that can easily close or open doors, lids, moulds and sealing chambers. They are also commonly utilized in assembly, latching, and molding operations. This type of clamp is also suitable for latching tools and hand-held workpieces. This is because they have a strong closing force that can be adjusted according to the required application. The latch can also be pulled back and forth, which is ideal for adjusting the position of the workpiece.

Clamp Latch

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