Types of Industrial Latch Lock Metal Clamp Lock

  • Monday, 03 July 2023
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Types of Industrial Latch Lock Metal Clamp Lock

The purpose of an industrial latch lock metal clamp lock is to keep a door, cabinet, gate, or other surface from being opened.industrial latch lock metal clamp lock Latches are available in many different styles and are used in a wide range of contexts. These include household, automotive, and commercial applications.

Generally, industrial latches are designed to handle high tensile loads. They are also constructed to withstand vibrations and shocks. These characteristics make them ideal for use in transport containers, tool and equipment boxes, and cabinet enclosures.

Most latches consist of two brackets that hold a pin or post in place and join the surfaces they are holding closed. The pin can be fed into a notch, groove, or seal on one of the brackets in order to release the other latch. A variety of materials can be used to form an industrial latch, including stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy, and cast iron. Some latches are even made of thermoplastics, which offer a degree of flexibility in addition to their strength and vibration resistance.

A staple latch, or hasp latch, is an older type of modern hardware. It is often used on wooden doors and cabinets. It consists of a looped strap that is secured to a door frame with a pin. Some types of hasp locks have built-in locks that can be secured with padlocks to increase security.

Another commonly used type of industrial latch is the pawl or cam latch. These industrial latches have a rotating cam that can be moved between the latched and unlatched positions. A quarter turn of the pawl engages the latch with a keeper or the door frame, and a reverse quarter turn disengages the latch. This kind of industrial latch is often found in electrical enclosures, HVAC enclosures, buses, trailers, RVs, and boats.

Draw latches, or tension latches, are another common type of industrial latch. These are typically seen in suitcases and briefcases, but they can be applied to a wide range of products. They are usually constructed from two hooks with a joining strap or pin, and are known for their ability to pull down on objects and secure them. They can be easily applied to luggage and trunks, but are also found on electronic enclosures and machinery control panels.

GN 858 latch type toggle clamps are used when very high retaining forces are required. These industrial latches are designed to resist vibration-induced or inadvertent opening, and are easy to operate with one hand.

Regardless of the application for an industrial latch, it is important to find the right product for the job. When purchasing, look for a BHMA or ANSI stamp to ensure the latch meets certain safety and quality standards. You may also want to consult with industry leaders or governmental offices to learn more about the standard requirements that apply to your specific locale and application. This way, you can be sure that your industrial latch will work properly for the long term.

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