Similar Toggle Clamps

  • Thursday, 14 September 2023
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Similar Toggle Clamps

similar toggle clamps

A manual toggle clamp, like the horizontal hold down clamp, uses a handle / lever to push the clamping spindle against a workpiece and prevent it from moving during an operation similar toggle clamps. This allows for precise control & ensures secure clamping. This type of toggle clamp can be used for a variety of tasks in metal, wood & plastic industries, including punching, bending, sawing, fastening, gluing and welding operations.

Unlike other types of clamps, which operate through a series of fixed-length levers, a toggle clamp has a fixed stop and linkage that create the action and the clamping force similar toggle clamps This design is more precise than traditional hydraulic toggle clamps and eliminates the possibility of an inadvertent unlocking and release of the workpiece, resulting in potential hazard and damage.

The toggle clamps available at Raptor Supplies can have the U shaped clamping bar mounted with accessories like cross arm sets for adjustment according to different sized workpieces. These units have a low profile to minimise space requirement during installation and operation. They are also made of steel for structural strength to avoid bending or breaking during heavy usage.

Some models of these toggle clamps have a flange base mounting style to secure installation on a flat, horizontal surface / workpiece. They can also have threaded bodies for through hole mountings if required. These units are supplied with a Toggle Lock Plus mechanism that keeps the clamps from accidentally opening during the course of an operation.

In addition to these features, the toggle clamps at Raptor Supplies are also available in variants with a stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance. They can also come with a straight base mounting option for installation on lateral vertical surfaces. Some of these clamps are sensor ready and can be fitted with round or T-slot style sensors.

These manual & pneumatic toggle clamps are designed to be used in conjunction with other components, such as sensors, to complete assembly & welding projects. They can also be used to clamp workpieces in preparation for machining, inspection or repair. Some of these metric toggle clamps have an over-center locking action that can be activated when the handle or locking arm is pulled. This feature can be very useful when the workpieces being clamped are subject to vibration, inverted positioning or just slightly short of center during a clamping action. This can prevent the clamps from unintentionally unlocking and releasing the workpiece, resulting in potential a safety hazard or damage to the fixture. The over-center lock point is also a great way to ensure that the workpiece is being held securely, without requiring shimming of the clamp arms. The welded body of these manual and pneumatic toggle clamps also has superior abrasion resistance compared to conventional mechanical clamping devices. This is because they are forged and machined to high standards and have a tempered, galvanized finish. This makes them suitable for use in harsh environments.

  • similar toggle clamps/similar toggle clamps
  • similar toggle clamps/similar toggle clamps

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