Pneumatic Toggle Clamp

  • Thursday, 06 July 2023
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Pneumatic Toggle Clamp

Pneumatic toggle clamp is a type of hold-down toggle clamp operated by an air cylinder rather than manually. These pneumatic clamps can be used in situations where heavy or repetitive loading is required. They are similar in design to standard hold-down toggle clamps, and have the added benefit of a pneumatic swing function. This allows the clamping arm to be swung clear of the workpiece for easy loading. A pneumatic toggle clamp consists of a double acting cylinder, a clamping arm and linkages to multiply the force applied by the cylinder. This enables the cylinder to apply a large amount of clamping force to the workpiece, which can be achieved with relatively low air pressure.

Pneumatic clamps are available in either a vertical or horizontal cylinder arrangement and can be mounted on either a bench or a machine. Both types of pneumatic clamp are suitable for installation into special machines or handling lines, and both are available in heavy version to offer increased closing and clamping forces. They are maintenance-free, with tempered and ground bearing pins in Teflon bearings. The cylinders are sealed with a high-quality rubber seal to prevent dust and water ingress. The lever parts are made of burnished steel, galvanized and passivated.

The air-powered toggle clamps can be controlled electrically using our range of actuators and sensors. This makes it possible to monitor the opening and clamping position of the pneumatic toggle clamps, and to control them remotely. This can be useful when several clamps are required to be actuated at the same time, or if the clamping positions need to be changed regularly during production.

These toggle clamps have a mechanical safety feature that ensures they remain mechanically locked even with total loss of air pressure. They are also supplied with a magnetic piston ring for end-position sensing when fitted with sensors GN 3380.

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