Pneumatic Air Clamp - Increase Workholding Efficiency With Nearly Instantaneous Force

  • Wednesday, 05 July 2023
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Pneumatic Air Clamp - Increase Workholding Efficiency With Nearly Instantaneous Force

Pneumatic air clamps increase workholding efficiency with nearly instant and consistent force for use across many kinds of applications.pneumatic air clamp These power clamps can be a quick and portable solution to temporary fixturing, or they can be built into stationary workholding systems for repetitive production operations. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including block clamps that can be mounted horizontally or vertically, toggle clamps that wedge against the work surface like a vise, and swing and pin-style clamps that move up and down in straight-line motions.

Pneumatic clamps can also be classified by their operating methods, based on how the force they generate is transmitted.pneumatic air clamp Support clamps transmit force to the workpiece or fixture via the jaws of the cylinder. Leverage clamps, on the other hand, use a lever arm to apply pressure to the workpiece. Swing clamps and push-pull clamps apply force in a linear manner to the workpiece like a vise.

The primary advantage of pneumatic clamps is their ability to deliver a high amount of force with a small volume of compressed gas.pneumatic air clamp This allows them to operate faster than hydraulic power clamps, which must generate a greater amount of pressure in order to achieve the same movement. They are also less likely to experience sudden pressure drops and fluctuations, which can disrupt or halt operation.

There are many different types of pneumatic clamps on the market, so it is important to consider what features will be most beneficial for your application before making a purchase. You should also consider the size of your workpieces and how much space you have available for positioning and clamping them. A power clamp with a low stroke length is ideal for smaller pieces that require less force, while a longer stroke clamp would be best for larger or heavier workpieces.

A high amount of force can be generated by a pneumatic clamp with a very long stroke, but this type of cylinder is also much more expensive to buy and maintain. A shorter stroke cylinder, on the other hand, is more affordable and easy to repair and replace.

Destaco carries a wide variety of pneumatic clamps to accommodate various kinds of projects and workflow requirements. These include heavy duty sealed clamps that are designed for welding environments, as well as a variety of light-duty and automation power clamps. Pneumatic toggle clamps offer a wide range of activating forces, and they can be combined with magnetic rings for sensing capability. Pneumatic block clamps provide activating force from the top, and they can be configured with a spindle attachment to apply force at the workpiece or fixture.

If you are unsure what kind of pneumatic clamp is right for your project, contact us for guidance. We can help you select a product that will fit your specifications and meet your budget. We can also assist you with the design and construction of an entire workholding system for your production facility. clamp | 4.hydraulic swing clamp

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