Introduction of Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder

  • Wednesday, 15 November 2023
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Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder

case: HSL series

The product is ideal for mass production on a special-purpose machine and jig in a machining center. It will greatly upgrade production efficiency.

When the hydraulic cylinder actuates, and the piston moves downward, the clamping arm will swing to a rated angle. Then it lowers until the workpiece is clamped securely.

To avoid too fast motion, a flow control valve is suggested to connect to the hydraulic swing clamp cylinder. Do not clamp workpiece while the clamp is swinging to avoid damaging the cylinder barrel and internal parts.

The cylinder body is manufactured from structural carbon steel.. Inside surface is specially treated for maximum smoothness and long service life em..

When increasing the length of the clamp arm is required, be sure not to exceed 1.5 times of original length.

Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder/Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder/Hydraulic Swing Clamp Cylinder

hydraulic swing clamp cylinder

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