How to Use a Haoshou Toggle Clamp

  • Tuesday, 01 August 2023
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How to Use a Haoshou Toggle Clamp

Haoshou Toggle Clamp

In woodworking and other industries, toggle clamps are one of the most useful hand tools you can own.haoshou toggle clamp They are fast acting and can generate a lot of gripping force from the small amount of pressure you apply to the handle. They are also quick to apply and remove and they are often used in jigs where you need to get components into place quickly and easily. They are also used for clamping large pieces of timber while you are working with them and can make a huge difference to the quality of the final result.

There are several different types of toggle clamps and how you choose the right one will depend on what sort of application you need it for.haoshou toggle clamp The six main types are Vertical Toggle Clamps, Horizontal Toggle Clamps, Plunger or Push Action Toggle Clamps, Hook Action Toggle Clamps and Cam Action Toggle Clamps.

The most popular type of toggle clamp is the vertical version which is used to clamp down on a component from above.haoshou toggle clamp They are ideal for situations where you need to clamp components in a position that is not directly above the toggle clamp but are still easy to reach and are particularly useful for milling and drilling applications where you may need to be working in front of the work piece and want to leave your hands free.

Another variation on the vertical toggle clamp is the horizontal version which allows you to clamp down on a component in a similar way but from the side. They are ideal for situations where you need the clamp to be able to move freely around the component without affecting the positioning of it on the machine and are particularly useful for welding, milling and drilling work.

For a completely different approach to toggle clamps, the Power-Loc toggle clamp from Bessey is the solution for you. It is designed to automatically adjust to variations in workpiece thickness while maintaining constant clamping force. To use, simply loosen the hex nut and extend or retract the arms to adjust the clamping range. Once you have the desired setting, tighten the hex nut and you are ready to go.

To remove, raise the clamp handle to about 45@ and use a 5mm hex key or driver to turn the hex nut counter-clockwise. This causes the Power-Loc lug to be retracted into the body and you can pull upward on the handle to release. Using this system you can replace a drawer full of standard toggle clamps with just one Power-Loc to save time, effort and space on your workshop.

Haoshou Toggle Clamp clamp

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