How to Build Your Own Toggle Clamp

  • Thursday, 03 August 2023
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How to Build Your Own Toggle Clamp

Toggle Pliers

Toggle clamps are a staple of many woodworkers jigs and tool tables toggle pliers But they can be expensive, especially if you need a lot of them. That’s why one reader decided to build his own toggle clamp from wood, a project that turned out to be both a fun exercise in precision woodworking and a handy addition to the shop.

These manual toggle clamps combine a squeezing motion with a toggle action to provide a quick-acting alternative to screw-tightened C clamps toggle pliers They can be used in a variety of applications including woodworking, metal working and glueing jigs. Some have threaded spindles to allow for precise adjustment of the clamping force.

Knipex’s new TwinGrip slip-joint pliers look a lot like your run-of-the-mill slip-joints—but they’re not toggle pliers They have a non-symmetrical jaw design that creates three points of gripping geometry when gripping flat materials, providing greater surface area contact than conventional slip-joint pliers.

These auto adjust toggle pliers can replace a drawer full of traditional toggle clamps in your workshop. They mount to a standard 20mm dog hole and are secured with a single 5mm hex driver (sold separately). When the lock nut or pressure pad height is changed it automatically maintains constant clamp pressure so you don’t need to stop, readjust, then continue working.

Toggle Pliers/Toggle Pliers

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