Fast Clamps

  • Thursday, 03 August 2023
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Fast Clamps


Fast Clamp

Versatile quick-grip bar clamps can be used for both clamping or spreading fast clamp The quick advance trigger moves jaws twice as fast as standard clamps. The head and tail can be moved anywhere on the bar for ultimate positioning. Heat treated steel bar and resin head and tail provide lightweight strength and durability.

The Internal T joint is designed to make an angled joint between two tubes and can be used on the ends of railing or on tops when the slope changes. It can also be combined with a cross tie to create an angled crossover for staircases. The 90deg Crossover joins two tubes at a 90deg angle and is often used for handrails when continuous standard lengths of tube are used. It can also be used to form a 90deg elbow.

Fast Clamp/Fast Clamp

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