Article Number Expansion Clamp

  • Thursday, 03 August 2023
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Article Number Expansion Clamp

Article number expansion clamp

Expansion Clamp/Expansion Clamp

A clamping system which expands horizontally to grip the inside of the workpiece's bore, ideal for oddly shaped parts with varying internal diameters expansion clamp Expanding ID clamps are easy to set and self-center by tightening the tapered center screw which pushes the flange section of the gripper outward and downward to exert force on the inner surface of the workpiece's bore.

Special steel with superior abrasion resistance is used for gripper to improve durability. The tip of the taper rod has a larger diameter than the gripper and is well chamfered to serve as a good guide when positioning the workpiece. The tip section of the taper rod is also well positioned to avoid sagging of the gripper which causes a loose gripping action of the workpiece.

Since the gap where metal chips may intrude is eliminated by the flange section of the gripper and the taper rod, it is not necessary to perform air blow during machining. However, if the operation speed is excessively fast, it is recommended that a meter-out type flow control valve (B) be provided in the unclamping circuit to adjust oil flow to make the gripper expand first and then the taper rod strokes down to clamp Expansion Clamp.

Expansion Clamp/ Expansion Clamp

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