Air Powered Clamps For a Variety of Applications

  • Thursday, 29 June 2023
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Air Powered Clamps For a Variety of Applications

Pneumatic clamps offer high, consistent force on workpieces.air powered clamps They are popular in welding, woodworking, cutting and gluing, tapping, reaming, drilling and assembly applications. Power clamps can be controlled manually or automatically and are used on repetitive parts to reduce operator fatigue. We carry a wide range of air powered clamps for a variety of applications including cylinder, toggle, swing and pin type clamps.

Series PLKD pnuematic clamps have a completely enclosed design that protects against weld slag and contaminants.air powered clamps Their long life seals can withstand the dirt and contaminants found in shop air. They also feature dual switch that provides control feedback for all four clamp conditions. They have an open or closed sensing option and come with a standard AC or DC weld field immune switch mounted in a protected housing.

The CKZ5N power clamp cylinder has an improved design that reduced weight by up to 27% and includes a bottom unlocking mechanism for easier manual lock release operability.air powered clamps The body is made of aluminum for added strength and durability. It has a patent pending anti-rotation bearing system, precision ground ram and PTFE hard-coated aluminum bushings for maintenance free operation. It has a short body length and high clamping force making it an excellent choice for application into specialized machines or handling equipment.

Clamps that feature a pneumatically operated cylinder offer more options for use as they can be used with remote controls. They are a great solution for high production runs because they require less user activation and can be mounted horizontally or vertically to the machine table. The cylinders are double-acting and can be ordered in three different stroke lengths.

Pneumatic block swing clamps are durable for applications with a high amount of product. The swivel arm allows them to be positioned to a machine or worktable in a position to easily load and unload products. The block design of the clamping housing offers universal fastening options for optimum positioning on workpieces.

Number Cruncher Clamps use a high amount of clamping force to stamp identification information such as date, shift or model number into metal panels or other materials. These are ideal for marking identifications on parts in a manufacturing facility and are available in multiple sizes to meet any need.

Pneumatic clamps that feature a push rod operation are great for use on automated machines. The push rod is connected directly to the cylinder, eliminating the need for an external linkage and reducing the chances of damage from vibrations and shock. This makes them more rugged and reliable for use in heavy duty applications such as machining.

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