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  • Thursday, 17 August 2023
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Toggle Clamps

Toggle clamps are a versatile mechanical fastening tool that are used in many different applications including woodworking, metal working and assembly & testing toggle clamps similar with. They work through a linkage system of fixed length levers connected by pivot pins which supply the action and clamping force. They operate smoothly without slop or play during clamping & unclamping and offer high operating forces and quick opening for large workpieces. They also have a toggle lock safety feature that ensures the handle remains mechanically locked even with loss of air pressure.

There are several types of toggle clamps available on Raptor Supplies toggle clamps similar with. We offer both manual and pneumatic models with a variety of mounting styles, configurations and constructions. Each type has a slightly different operation, but all provide the same high clamping forces and fast opening for large workpieces. Depending on the application, some of our toggle clamps are available with an adjustable claw that can be moved to increase or decrease the amount of gripping pressure.

Our vertical hold down toggle clamp is a stationary alternative to removable cam action clamps and spring clamps for holding materials in the automotive, aerospace and food & packaging industries toggle clamps similar with. This vertical toggle clamp has a U bar configured clamping arm integrated with a neoprene spindle to minimize damage resulting from abrasion and twisting. It is capable of withstanding loads up to 375 lb.

The brand of toggle clamps is the original mechanical clamp designed in 1936 by Joseph Kipp. Toggle clamps are made with quality parts and are designed to last for years of use. They are built with hardened & ground pivot pins & bushings to withstand millions of cycles and have smooth edges to prevent snagging. They have a sturdy handle design that is comfortable and easy to grip, and they are made from nitro-carburized steel for long life and corrosion resistance.

The vertical toggle clamp from Haoshou is ideal for gluing, testing, drilling, woodworking and fixture checking in the automotive, aerospace and food & beverage industries. It has a flange base with two pairs of threaded holes for easy installation on flat surfaces or workbenches. This vertical clamp is also capable of withstanding loads up to 375lb.

What is the difference between "exerting/clamping force" & "holding capacity"?

Exerting / clamping force is the maximum amount of force that can be applied to the workholding bar in its closed position. This number is determined through actual tests and includes a safety factor. Holding capacity depicts the capability of the clamp to hold down equipment or sheet metal on an assembly line during a manufacturing process.

The vertical toggle is available in carbon & stainless steel constructions to help users choose the right material for their specific needs. Typical carbon steel toggles are zinc plated to help protect against abrasive conditions and outdoor environments. For applications that require a stronger, more durable pneumatic clamp, offers stainless steel clamps with a flange base and two pairs of threaded holes for easy installations on flat surfaces or workbenches. em

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