Swing Clamp by Vektek

  • Wednesday, 02 August 2023
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Swing Clamp by Vektek

Article about swing clamp

Vektek again changes the state of the art in ball and cam swing clamps making them work better at reasonable prices swing clamp These tri-cam design clamps will position and clamp in less than one second and can handle heavier arms than standard swing clamps. They feature a patented ball seat and cam follower with improved strength, cam contact, reduced dynamic and static friction, and higher per cam surface contact pressure.

These double-acting air-operated swing clamps are ideal for applications where low clamping forces suffice and the workpiece needs to be cleared to allow placing or removing it swing clamp The compressed air port is in the flange. Applying air to the A (clamping) port swings the arm 90deg over the workpiece and then clamps down. Switching to the B (unclamping) port positively lifts the arm and allows it to be withdrawn.

Screw-in flanged versions can be fastened to the fixture using a DIN 70852 slotted round nut, enabling space saving installation. Threaded-body versions can be height-adjusted by rotating the cylinder on the thread. Both top and bottom ports need adjusting when the cylinder is height-adjusted.

Use an Air Check Valve between the air supply and air-clamping cylinder to protect against loss of pressure in the event that the air-clamping valve fails. The air-clamping cylinder should always be supplied with clean, dry compressed air which is properly filtered and regulated. It should also be lubricated with an appropriate oil. See the Clamp Time and Fluid Rate Charts for optimum performance and to avoid damage to the cylinder.

swing clamp

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