hydraulic Work Support

  • Tuesday, 01 August 2023
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hydraulic Work Support

Hydraulic Work Support

Hydraulic work support hydraulic work support is used to keep the job in a specific plane during clamping and avoid deflection or vibration during machining. It can be installed either under a clamping mechanism or throughout the fixture. It provides resistance to the clamping force and prevents a workpiece from slipping or damaging the fixtures, which increases machining accuracy.

Despite many studies that seek to understand how lateral loads affect hydraulic supports, relatively few analyses explore the structural strength of a hydraulic support group. Hydraulic work support To do so, the authors modeled the roof support structure as an elastic body with stiffness K and used ANSYS simulation software to calculate the stresses and deformations of the key components of the system under offset-loading conditions.

The results showed that the support group had a weak portion near the column socket. This portion had higher stress and deformation than the rest of the structure under offset loading. This result shows that the support group must be reinforced to ensure its structural integrity. The authors also conducted field tests to verify the theory and analysis results. The results of the field tests matched the theoretical and analysis results for the critical portions of the support.

These results suggest that the proposed method can be applied to identify and locate the weak portions of a hydraulic support. This is an important step in designing a more reliable and efficient hydraulic support for power machining applications.

Carr Lane Roemheld offers a complete line of hydraulic work supports, which automatically adjust to the height of the workpiece and then lock securely into fixed rests. Available in spring-advanced, fluid-advanced and air-advanced types, these high-performing supports have capacities from 145 to 23,000 lbs. Visit our website to find the ideal work support for your needs.

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