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2019-06-27 17:51:34

The fast fixture comprises a guide rod having a fixed fixed base at one end, and a movable clip main body is arranged on the guide rod, and the positioning end of the fixed clamp is inserted into the end of the guide rod, The inner ring seat is provided with a movable and transversely piercing plunger in the guide rod, the outer end of the plug is connected with an outer ring seat, and one end of the positioning movement device in the movable clip main body is arranged The utility model has the advantages of simple layout, reasonable use, convenient and reliable, capable of completing the quick clamping intention, improving the working efficiency and facilitating the popularization and application of the utility model.
The principle of fast clamp clamping
The tightening force is the maximum pressing force of the indenter to the workpiece in the locked position without the occurrence of mechanical deformation. This pressing force is caused by the indenter being raised to the position closest to the mounting seat. The pressure of the indenter on the workpiece is not constant, it varies with the indenter on the different positions on the arm, and the clamping force decreases as it moves away from the mounting seat.
Fast clamp clamping characteristics
(1) simple structure, easy installation.
(2) was clamped workpiece loading and unloading fast, easy to operate.
(3) all parts by plating rust treatment, the surface smooth and beautiful.
(4) heavy load fixture, the key parts of the heat treatment process, so that it has a high strength and wear resistance.
(5) fast clamping force
(6) fast clamping force is the clamping force in the lock position, does not produce mechanical deformation of the case, the maximum pressure on the workpiece pressure, the pressure generated in the indenter in the arm raised to the distance from the mounting seat The nearest location.
(7) the pressure of the indenter on the workpiece is not constant, it varies with the pressure on the arm in different positions, when away from the mounting seat, the clamping force decreases.
When the connecting rod and the connecting rod of the two hinge points and a series of rods and rack hinge points, three points in a straight line, the mechanism is in the dead position. At this time, the workpiece is pressed, no matter how much reaction (in addition to destructive reaction), can not make the pressure head to release, which is mechanical mechanics in the dead point clamping principle. In order to avoid in use, due to external load changes and mechanical vibration, the design of the middle hinge point, slightly biased in the other two hinge connection on the inside to ensure that the maximum tightening force in the case, always keep the fixture The mechanism is locked in a steady state without loosening.
Summary: This fast clamp jig is based on the plane four-bar mechanism in the double rocker mechanism of the mechanical principle to design, the basic structure is composed of connecting rod, frame and two-bar and other four components.